What Conditions Can Hand Surgeons Address for Comprehensive Hand Care?

Hand Specialist in Dubai

Wondering whom to consult when your hands require some extra medical attention? That’s where the role of hand surgeons comes in! These seasoned professionals possess comprehensive knowledge of hands, fingers, and wrists, safeguarding hand health. Equipped to address an array of issues, they ensure optimal hand function.

In this blog, we’ll delve into the diverse spectrum of concerns Hand, wrist, elbow and shoulder specialist in Dubai adeptly manage – from everyday worries to complex hand conditions.


What Conditions Do Hand Surgeons Treat?

With 27 bones in the hand and 8 in the wrist, the hand stands as one of the most intricate parts of the human body. Hand specialists in Dubai address a variety of conditions, including:



Arthritis, a prevalent joint disease, often affects the hands, causing symptoms like pain, swelling, stiffness, and reduced mobility. Hand surgeons utilize non-surgical methods like medication and splints, as well as surgical interventions such as joint replacements, to enhance joint function and alleviate discomfort.



Tendonitis, an inflammatory condition impacting the tendons, is frequently treated by hand surgeons. It typically arises from overuse, injury, or underlying conditions like arthritis or diabetes. Treatment may involve rest, physical therapy, anti-inflammatory medications, and surgical options like tendon repair to restore proper function in severe cases.



Hand surgeons manage joint dislocations, where bones shift from their normal positions. They may utilize manual techniques to realign the joint or perform surgery as needed to ensure proper alignment and prevent further damage.



Just like any other bone in the body, the bones in the hands and fingers are susceptible to fractures. Hand surgeons treat fractures in the hand, wrist, or forearm through methods such as casting, splinting, or surgery to realign and stabilize the bones, facilitating proper healing and restoring normal hand function.


Sports Injuries:

Hand surgeons also address sports-related injuries, including ligament tears, fractures, or dislocations. Treatment involves a combination of non-surgical approaches like rehabilitation and, when necessary, surgical procedures to repair damaged structures and enhance athletic performance.



Infections in the hand, often resulting from injuries or other sources, are managed by hand surgeons. Treatment typically includes antibiotics, drainage of abscesses, and occasionally surgical intervention to remove infected tissue and promote healing.


Overuse Syndrome Injuries:

Conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow, pitcher’s elbow, and rotator cuff injuries fall under the umbrella of overuse syndrome.

Best Hand surgeons in Dubai address these injuries through conservative measures such as splinting, physical therapy, and cortisone injections. If symptoms persist, surgical interventions may be considered.


Severe Cuts or Trauma:

The best hand surgeon in Dubai specializes in managing severe cuts and traumatic injuries that can compromise the integrity of nerves, veins, ligaments, tendons, or cartilage. They provide immediate care to repair these damaged structures, often employing surgical techniques such as nerve and blood vessel repair to restore function and minimize long-term consequences.



Tumors occurring in the hand or wrist can be either benign or malignant and may affect various tissues.

Hand surgeons perform hand tumor surgery, aiming to remove the mass while preserving function.


Congenital Hand Deformities:

Some individuals are born with hand abnormalities, such as polydactyly (having more than five fingers) or syndactyly (fingers fused).

Hand surgeons tailor their approach to each patient’s needs, striving to optimize hand function and comfort. Whether repairing a fracture or treating a medical condition, they customize their interventions for the best possible outcome.


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