The Needs of the Patient Come First

The Needs of the Patient come first

“Dedication to Patient-Centered Care: Honesty, Humanity, Excellence, and Cutting-Edge Technologies”

In the world of healthcare, few institutions embody the ideals of patient-centered care as the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN, (USA). I was there in 1999 for a long-term visiting clinician program with the wonderful team of the Upper limb department (Drs Morrey, O’Driscoll, Steinmann, Bishop, Cooney, Berger, Amadio) In my practice, the legacy of the Mayo Clinic’s patient-centric approach lives on. Their fundamental principle, “the needs of the patient come first,” serves as an unwavering compass for guiding healthcare professionals in their mission to provide the highest level of care and compassion. For me, this principle has been a guiding light throughout my career as an orthopedic surgeon, shaping my commitment to delivering honesty, humanity, excellence, and cutting-edge technologies to my patients.